Character artist and Illustrator
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Terms of Service


Terms of service

The following terms are final when requesting a commission. Please read them thoroughly before contacting!


I accept only Paypal at the moment. Payment method is of at least 50% up-front, and the remaining 50% once the piece is finished. I will send you a low res, watermarked copy of the final piece by email when it’s ready, and send the full res one upon confirmation of your final payment. PSD files can be provided with an additional cost.

Permission & Reposting

By commissioning me, you allow me to post the finished work on this site, and other sites I’m participating in. Exceptions are possible, but only if discussed beforehand.

Work Process

I will send an initial sketch of your commissioned piece in the course of 2-5 days, counting from the moment I begin working on it (I work in commission order). Three instances of correction are possible by that point forward. One upon you receiving the initial sketch, the second one after the lineart or detailed sketch (in the case of digital paintings) is done, and the final one upon you receiving the final, low resolution colored piece with my watermark. The last correction will be for color retouching only. Additional changes to the drawing after the colors are done will have an extra cost, so please keep this in mind and ask for all the necessary changes to the drawing before the base colors are set!